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Periodic assignments are given to class III which are graded. Classes IV-V appear for their weekly unit tests and also term exam held once every semester. Assessment for classes IV and V is based purely on the grading system.

The students should carry this diary every day to school.

It will be mandatory to have 85% of attendance. Students who skip classes without informing the school may be expelled and no representation will be accepted.


To facilitate and engage the students in a variety of hands on learning experiences the students and teachers have put together models and gadgets in the laboratory. There are number of experiments with colorful paper cutouts & paper folding activities which help to clarify simple concepts of lines, points, angles and triangles.

There is also extensive use of technology. The computers and the internet are used for teaching, self learning, interactive mental maths quizzes and speed calculation competitions. The geometer sketch pad and the handheld calculators are used to explain concepts from coordinate geometry to calculas to learn and understand quadratic equations; conic sections and trigonometric curves etc.

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June 2017
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